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Fixing Opener Sensors Immediately is Vital

Any problem with the electric garage door opener sensors will make the door unreliable in terms of safety and that's why it must be fixed right away. We treat opener-sensors issues as emergencies at “Garage Door Repair Sacramento” and make sure they are checked and repaired right away. When the sensors do not work or simply malfunction, there is a high possibility of accidents. The risk gets bigger when the overhead door is hardly maintained and the garage door springs might not keep the door open. People might be in danger and the car might be damaged and for this reason we are fully equipped and prepared for sensors repair.

Sensors services by experienced teams

When sensors malfunction or do not work at all, the reverse mechanism won't work, the door will keep reversing or will close with some hesitation. So, our first obligation is to test the sensors. We do that by putting a small object under the door. When the sensors need adjustment, we just release the fasteners of the two devices and make sure the beams meet under the door. The green and red lights must be turned on indicating that the sensors are properly adjusted.

In some occasions, the sensors stop working due to problematic wires. Our experts always check that the door opener is plugged and then check the wire terminals of the sensors at the opener unit. If the wires are damaged in any way, we ought to replace them. If all parts seem to be fine, we replace the sensors. In any case, we make sure that the safety beams can detect the smallest object under the door so that the reverse mechanism can be activated should anyone stands under the door when it is descending. This is the perfect way to avoid accidents and you should report any problems immediately. Call us for immediate sensors services!

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