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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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Springs can break. That is a simple fact related to garage doors. Springs can also come off track or need repair. If you find yourself with any of the following situations, call us.

* Broken spring repair is a common occurrence

* Many customers need a broken spring replacement

* Sometimes customers need a torsion spring repair

* Sometimes the extension springs come loose

* Many calls involve a general spring repair


When you need help with your garage door springs, or the door or opener, give us a call here at Garage Door Springs Sacramento. We are happy to help.

Heavy doors require torsion springs, which are installed above the garage door

Garage Door Springs in CaliforniaDepending on the weight of garage doors, technicians install either torsion springs or extension springs. They basically balance the weight of the door; otherwise, it would be too heavy to be lifted. Therefore, when springs break or get damaged in any way, you should replace them. Garage door spring replacement must be performed by trained experts to avoid risking your life, should they snap.

Depending on how heavy the door is, technicians would install one or more torsion springs. On the other hand, extension springs are more appropriate for lighter garage doors and placed on the two sides of the door. This way, they can keep equilibrium of the door as it is lifted. In any case, springs are wound under a lot of tension in order to accomplish their mission and, hence, any attempt to fix them on your own could result to injuries.

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