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Installation of the Liftmaster Internet Getaway

The installation of the Liftmaster Internet Getaway system requires computer knowledge but then again, those who choose it do have sufficient expertise. The internet getaway system in relation to MyQ garage door openers will give people, who are not at home often, the opportunity to have full control over their garage door. This application will allow you to handle the electric operators with the help of your smartphone or computer from any part of the world. What makes it even more convenient is that it can be connected to your home lights and so you can turn them on and off even if you are thousands miles away.

“Garage Door Repair Sacramento” applauds such great proposals since they give the chance for busy people to still have control over their overhead door. The greatest thing is that you don't only have the opportunity to open or close the door, but you will also be alerted through your smartphone about the status of the garage door and home lights. It's also significant that the MyQ mobile app is free and has no annual fees.

Learn how to install the internet getaway system

It's important to remember that the Liftmaster internet getaway system is installed only with sectional doors and you definitely must have a router and internet connection. It's vital to create an account at Liftmaster and remember to add the internet getaway serial number (it will be a number and/or letters of ten characters) that you will find at the bottom part of the internet getaway device. This must be done through your computer and not the smartphone. 

The first step is to connect the internet getaway device to the router and the power. When this is done and the device is connected to the web, the light on the device will stop blinking and it will remain on steadily. Once the system is registered at Liftmaster, you can download the MyQ technology but don't forget to connect the opener, too. Of course, you can add other openers and house lamps depending on your choices and you can also name them so that you will know which devices are programmed.

The installation is not really hard for those having good knowledge of computers and similar applications. Though, we are always here to provide technical support and check the devices for you in an effort to help you have a more convenient and safer life with such smart systems. Do call us for assistance or information!

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