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Very interesting electric garage door tips! They will help you understand some things better.

Replace old springs

Garage door springs handle a lot of stress when the garage door moves, as well as with temperature changes. As time goes by, the springs lose their flexibility and may one day break. Without the springs, the garage door wouldn’t work. If you see the springs due for a replacement, don’t wait until they break. Replace immediately.

Tune-up regularly

According to our specialists, tuning up the garage door is very important, especially for those with automatic garage door openers. Deterioration is a natural process and with it, functionality decreases. To keep your garage door working in top condition, have it tuned-up regularly. Tune-ups can be as simple as repairing a few parts and applying lubricants.

Inspect, clean and align the opener safety sensors.

It is best if you do this at least twice a year and preferably four times a year. During the inspection, remember to check the wiring for fraying and damage and the sensors as well. Clean the photo eyes with a dry cloth. You may dampen it a bit only if there is stubborn dirt that has to be removed. Do not use any type of cleaner. Align the sensors to face each other perfectly.

Beware of the Electric Hazard

The garage door opener is made up of mechanical and electronic parts and as such, opening the access panel on the garage door motor and tinkering with its parts can be hazardous because of the dangers of electrocution. Always call the professionals to take care of the problem.

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